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Complete Pigeon Control

Pigeon Feces Health Advisory

BE ADVISED- Pigeon droppings carry many diseases,

insects and parasites.

Some of the diseases that can be

contracted from pigeon excrement are:

- Histoplasmosis

- Cryptococcosis

- Psittacosis

- West Nile Virus

- Worsen Medical Conditions- Allergies, COPD, Emphysema,

and Asthma.

Insects and Parasites found in feces:

- Ticks

- Mites

- Lice

- Carpet Beetles

- Flies

- Maggots

- Parasites

The longer you wait to address your pigeon issue, the higher

your risk of being affected by diseases, insects and parasites.

Don't wait!!

People more at risk of contracting sickness from Pigeon Feces:

- Children

- Pets

- Elderly

- Those with respiratory issues, medical problems and



- One Pigeon can poop anywhere from 48 – 51 times in a 24

hour period with a total of approximately 25lbs. a year.

- Pigeon feces is very acidic causing erosion in metals, paints

and building materials.

Pigeon Feces Case Studies-

1. The New York Transit Authority was recently ordered to

pay over $6 million to a man who suffered serious injuries

after slipping on bird droppings and falling on a flight of

subway stairs in the Bronx.

2. A teacher won $1.2 million in a settlement with a Florida

school district after contracting Cryptococcosis from

accumulated pigeon droppings found in the air ducts. (South

Florida Sentinel, March 29, 2001).

3. A Minnesota bridge collapsed due to infestation and erosion caused by pigeon droppings.

Whether its health hazards, property damage, or the constant cooing- Pigeons cause millions of dollars in damage each year in addition to millions of annoyed and fed up individuals.