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License #7014

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License #7014

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Prime Pigeon Control Las Vegas

Your Trusted Solution for Effective Pigeon Removal in Las Vegas

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Complete Pigeon Control Is Now Prime!

Get Back Your Peace of Mind & Restore Property Damage with Prime Pigeon Control in Las Vegas

Searching for the best pigeon control and pigeon removal services in Las Vegas? Look no further. Prime Pigeon Control is your ideal solution for effective treatment against the pigeon population.

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What We Do

Our Expert Pigeon Removal Services

Keep your solar panels clean with effective Prime pigeon control

Pigeon Control in Solar Panels

Poorly installed Solar Panel Pigeon Deterrents? Worried about pigeons compromising your solar panel arrays? Our Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing comes with a ‘NO PIGEON’ guarantee and includes solar panel cleaning.

Pigeon Waste Removal in Las Vegas

Take back your clean, sanitary property with our comprehensive waste removal services, specialized in removing pigeon feces and other nesting materials.

Commercial Pigeon Control for Commercial Properties

For business owners, pigeon infestations can cause health risks and structural damage to buildings. We offer a commercial pest control plan to help you maintain a clean and professional environment.

Additional Pigeon Control Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

Pigeon Spikes Deterrent

Bird Netting and Nylon Netting

Wire Mesh Deterrent

Complete Property Inspections

Pigeon Trapping and Bird Removal

Ongoing Maintenance and Dead Bird Removal

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Prime Pigeon Control?

Guaranteed Satisfaction

With our track record of effective solutions and high-quality service, we offer you peace of mind with our ‘NO PIGEON’ guarantee.

Same-Day Service

In most cases, we provide same-day pest control services to solve your pigeon problems quickly.

Licensed, Insured, and Experienced

With a decade of extensive training and specialized experience, we are Las Vegas’s go-to pest control company for effective pigeon control.

Beware of These Common Nesting Spots

Our property inspections target high-risk nesting sites like under roof eaves, air conditioning units, and chimneys. Our treatment plans are tailored to your property’s specific needs to tackle bird infestations.

Quality Products, Guaranteed

From Stainless Steel Bird Spikes to UV-Rated and Nylon Netting, we only use the best physical barriers. When it comes to bird control and pest birds, quality matters.

Safety First, Always

Our team adheres to the highest safety standards, ensuring that we leave your property better than we found it—both safe and free from the threat of disease caused by pigeons.

Ready for a Pigeon-Free Property?

Don’t let pigeons and the associated health risks take over your peace and property. With our wide range of effective solutions, property owners can reclaim their space today.

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